О проекте
The Cloxbegan its existence in 2009 when 2 friends, Denis Orynbekov(guitar, lead vocals) and
Ruslan Baimurzin(drums), moved from Kazakhstan to New York in pursuit of a dream. In New
York the 2 were joined by Igor Reznik(bass) and thus the trio was complete.

In 2010, The Clox released their debut album ”READY TO STARVE”. The effort was noticed
and in 2010 the beach accessory store “Caribbean Joe”, on their site, recommended the song
”Faces” of the album as one of the top 20 “Toe Tapping Tunes” alongside songs by artists such
as Sting, U2, Madonna, Kings of Leon, Weezer, Carlos Santana, and Coldplay.

Also in 2010 “Donald Trump”, “Ford”, and other modeling agencies began licensing the band’s
songs in videos used for model promotion. This project was and is coordinated by “Paz Turner
Production Group”(http://www.pazturner.com) till this day.
Since 2010 The Clox performed in some of the country's best venues such as New York City's
Filmore at Irving Plaza, Boston's Middle East Downstairs, New York City's Hiro Ballroom,
New York City's Le Poison Rouge, New York City's Gramercy Theater, and Falls
Church’s(Virginia) The State Theater, among others. They have shared the stage with
The Toadies, Clinic, Little Barrie, The Gift, Mumiy Trol, Drew Halcomb and The
Neighbors, The Night Snipers, Lyapis Trubeckoy, B2, etc.

In the spring of 2012, The Clox released their “JULES VERNE EP” which was met with great
enthusiasm by American and European blogs and magazines. The DELI Magazine praised the
EP as a "unique cross between bands like INXS and Oasis” with a sound that is both "familiar
and exotic at the same time." In the beginning of 2013 The DELI Magazine also declared
The Clox as one of the best New York City bands of 2012.
Music videos to the songs “ALREADY DONE” and “JULES VERNE” are featured on numerous
web sites and blogs(Baeblemusic, DJ Top Twenty, WoellJ's Music Playlist, The Indie Browser,
Joey Voodoo Lifestyle, Dads Big Plan , Cap'n Carrot, etc.) alongside artists such as Arcade
Fire, Radiohead, Oasis, Magnetic Fields, and Feist.
In December of 2012, The Clox released their second full length album, “Civilian”
The Clox has topped several fan fueled charts on the Ourstage website (affiliate of MTV). Their
songs are now in rotation on Pandora Radio, Indie Darkroom Radio, 87.7 Danu NYC Radio(on
which the song "Already Done" took number one place on the radio station's charts), and on
national NS Radio in Kazakhstan.
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the clox пока одинок(а). Станьте ближе!